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Gnocchi Pesto, Cherry Tomatoes & Buffalo Mozzarella

We can hardly explain how delicious this plate is in its simplicity: Potato gnocchi (yum!), Pesto, freshly chopped cherry tomatoes, Buffalo, mozzarella cheese. Try it and help us find the words. Allergens Wheat

Nonna’s Lasagna

Exactly that. As Grandma would make it. Layers of pasta sheets filled with our home-made, slow-cooked beef ragu. Mixed with bechamel sauce and parmesan cheese. Allergens Wheat

Tagliatelle Ragú

Egg tagliatelle pasta married with our home prepared, slow-cooked Beef Ragu. No need to add anything to this classic. Or maybe, the only suggestion, don’t forget to add more parmesan cheese! Allergens Wheat

Vegan Lasagna

A colourful and delicious selection of roasted vegetables layered with tomato sauce and Vegan Cheese. Eye pleasing and mouth-watering. Allergens Wheat